Beginning the Journey.

Hey everybody, and welcome to our new blog.  In this blog we will be documenting and following along our journey from working regular “day” jobs, and renting a house in a city to owning our own land and farming for self sustenance and to be able to give back to the world.

Our ultimate plan is to grow our own food, and to donate all of our surplus fruits and vegetables to the needy. We could not afford to buy an established farm and jump into this project wide open, so we are starting small and building from there. Much in the same manner as the pioneers and settlers before us.

A few years ago we decided that we could, and should do more good in the world. We also figured that if more people did at least one nice thing, then the world would gradually  become a more habitable and loving place. To that end, we want to feed people.

Neither one of us really are the normal “health nut” kind of people. We both grew up on the processed foods that have become the norm. But, within the last few years we started to eat a little healthier, just real food. We eat meat, and vegetables, and fruit, but we try to avoid the processed, packaged meal type of food. What we found from that was when we did eat better, we felt better. When we felt better we were happier and more productive as people.

So, with that knowledge and the desire to be in nature, we started to think about how we can pass this on to others. We started to think about a farm and that seemed to be the answer.

Here comes the problem and it’s probably a common problem for most folks…..the funds!! How in the world were we going to afford a farm when we both work civil service jobs and don’t make a ton of money? We sat down and figured out a plan that seemed to work. We scrimped and saved and worked to get ourselves almost completely debt free. We paid off credit cards and loans as quick as we could. We then started to save. We put a few dollars back here and there to build up some capital. We even started a Gofundme account, but we didn’t promote that much because we just felt that this should be earned and not given.

To help solve the problem of funding this project, we took our everyday hobby skills and started an online shop on And while we haven’t been wildly successful, or made millions, we have definitely added to our savings and created a secondary business that will also help to fund our endeavors well into the future.

By creating well made, unique, hand made gifts from fabric, wood, and metal we have been able to express our creative side. It’s a pure joy to know that people around the world are viewing and buying our creations. It’s humbling, really it is.

So, once the funds started to build, we then began the biggest Easter egg hunt in the world…finding that perfect (for us) parcel of land that will work for us. We have spent countless hours searching, online, and in person to find that piece of land that feels like and will be “Home”. In April of this year we found it… Over the course of this month we will spend some time to get our readers up to speed with where we are now from the very beginning and then we will document through writing and photos, the beautiful journey that we have embarked on. We hope that you all join us for this journey and enjoy it vicariously through us.

Thank you for reading, and we hope that each and everyone of you has a wonderful day!

And if you happen to be in the market for some outstanding, beautifully crafted gift ideas come visit us on




3 thoughts on “Beginning the Journey.

  1. Yay! Great start guys! All the best to you! (I would suggest starting some things growing that will grow back every year on their own, (and multiply)…it’s very gratifying for me to look through my garden and see my rhubarb is already growing, my perennial onions (we live in a very cold climate, and the onions actually stayed green all winter), asparagus, and sometimes the Swiss Chard (spinach) actually makes it through the winter as well! I love things that grow back every year on their own! Have fun!!


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