Count down to Closing…5 days!! Also known as the joy of wheelbarrow.

As we get closer and closer to the actual closing date on the property of our dreams, we find that it’s like waiting for Christmas morning. We are now a little restless and anxious.  We have been spending the last few days working on the tools and supplies we are going to need for the first big weekend of work.

The majority of the tools that we are initially going to need to clear the area for the house, barn, and garden have been acquired over the last few years. A good number of those themselves have been made in our Blacksmith shop. There is a great satisfaction in working your own land, with tools that you have created.

I’ve made a couple of axes, machetes, and some interesting stump pulling mechanisms, but the one thing I couldn’t make with any financial savings is a wheelbarrow. We obviously will need one, and decided to go buy one. Who knew that buying a wheelbarrow could be so much fun!!

As we shopped and looked around we found plenty of your standard, one wheeled barrows that were not that exciting….these generally went for about $100. BUT THEN…we see this beast of a job that has 2 wheels..super steady and a huge tub on it..for only $20 dollars more!!! So, of course we had to get the high speed, low drag one..

Now, while that doesn’t seem all that exciting in itself, it got a little better. Once we got it home we decided that we each needed a ride in it. Yes, in case you are wondering, we are a couple of big kids. This is a big part of our learning to just “BE”. Too many people are worried about appearances, and how they will be perceived. We love to just be, just be in the moment. We like to find the joy, and the fun in anything we are doing. On this day it was a wheelbarrow ride.

We hope that each and everyone out there finds their wheelbarrow ride today. Find joy in what you are doing and embrace the beauty of the world.


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