Count down to closing…3 days!! Sharpening tools and being grateful.

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As we get closer and closer to the closing date and knowing that this dream property will actually be ours, I’ve had some time to reflect.

Through life things sometimes (ok, most times) seem really hard and pointless. It seems that the harder you work the worse things get. But, then…somehow, someway, things start to fall into place.

That’s really how things are happening now. We had a good amount of debt a few years ago. We gained this debt by a couple of mistakes and some unfortunate incidents. We worked to eliminate that debt and starting saving. It seemed like we were swimming up stream and really weren’t getting anywhere. Then things started to climb. We were able to save some and build that nest egg. So it feels good, and feels right when things start to smooth out.

We are truly grateful for all that we have. We are grateful for each other, our health, the opportunities we’ve been given. This purchase of our farm land is one more great opportunity that we have been given and we could not be happier.

As I’ve been reflecting, I’ve also been getting ready. That brings us to the sharpening tools bit of this post.

I have sharpened, and polished, and prepped just about every tool we have to get ready for this incredible journey.  There really is something to being able to just work and let your mind wander into itself and learn things. I think that sometimes people need that. They need to be able to have time to just “mindlessly” work on something with their hands and allow their mind to wander to abstract things. I think that it helps keep you from becoming stressed over everyday, mundane things. We both still have our day jobs, and our Esty shop to run. Those things can be stressful, I think if we are able to just work and allow our minds to wander we will feel better more often.

It’s now, when we have 3 days left before the closing date on the property, that all the tools are sharpened, the truck windshield has been cleaned (don’t ask me why I felt that was necessary, LOL) and we are just waiting…waiting…waiting… that we are given yet another opportunity. The opportunity to be grateful, and thankful for what we have gained, and what we are soon going to be able to do. We hope that anyone reading this has a beautiful day. Find your way to let your mind wander today, you never know what you might learn.

By the way, if you noticed that we skipped from Day 5 to Day 3 of our countdown then you are wicked smart. We skipped Day 4 because, well, there just wasn’t a lot going on except waiting.


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