1 more day till closing: Dog wheelchairs and taking care of family.

It has become an emotional week for us. We have 1 more day to wait before the scheduled closing date on the farm. We are anxious and have been pacing for over a week. This purchase of the land for our homestead farm has been a dream that we have had and have worked towards for a few years now. The really hard part is that things don’t always go smoothly and life tends to throw some challenges at you. We believe that how you work through those challenges and how you come out on the other side is what matters.

Our little buddy, Fletcher, had an injury a few years ago that caused him to completely loose the use of his back legs. We thought that at that time he would never walk normally again. The vet said that the only chance he would have to walk again without surgery is if we made him stay in crate and not jump, or play, or pretty much do anything for a month or more. The vet said that he may or may not recover. We kept him crated when we weren’t home and watched him like a hawk when we were. He was miserable. When he needed to go outside we had to carry him, and to help him “go to the bathroom” we had to hold him up and push on strategic areas of his abdomen to cause him to go. And then, somehow he started to get some movement back in his legs. He started with little twitches, then he would flex and move his legs. Before long he was up and walking, and then running just as fast as he ever had. He was always fast, and he just got back into it.

Just a day or so ago we noticed that he was becoming very unsteady on those back legs again. He has been wobbling and falling down.  This is where the emotion came in.  Fletcher is 12 years old.  Normally, you would think that a 12 year old dog who can’t walk would be a prime candidate for euthanasia. But, we just couldn’t. He doesn’t have any other age related problems. His vision, hearing, appetite, mental sharpness are all really great. It’s just those two legs…and besides…he’s family.

As we entered into the final countdown to the dream farm, we just couldn’t start this without him. We know that he won’t last forever, but we just couldn’t start it without our little buddy. So, after a lot of worrying and tears today, we decided that we were going to get him a wheel chair. We’ve ordered one (a cool camo color of course!) and it should arrive before this weekend when we plan on being in the woods, on our land for the first weekend ever. Enough time to receive it and let him start to get used to it.

We knew it wasn’t time, he is full of piss and vinegar, and you can tell that he’s got a lot of life left to live. He just needs a little assistance. Just as we all do from time to time. Family is important to us, and Fletcher is family. He gets to enjoy the farm, just like we do because it’s his farm too.fletchy



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