Holding pattern for closing..trying to keep busy.


We were originally scheduled to close on the farm land last Wednesday. We were super excited and ready to get to work. I spent a lot of time sharpening tools and prepping everything we needed to get cracking with it. We had a 3 day weekend and figured we could be there all 3 days and really start to get things lined up.

But then….I checked in with the Attorney’s office on Wednesday and there was a problem.  They were trying to finish up the title search and realized that they had information that there had been a survey done in 1993, but the could not find it. It was not filed with the county, and they had no hard copy of it. Now we are waiting to see when another survey will be completed. That really put a damper on that 3 day weekend. We are a little disappointed that things got delayed, but at the same time we are impressed with the Attorney, they told us that anytime they complete a title search that they want it to be absolutely correct, and complete. That part was really reassuring. So, now what? Now what do we do to keep busy?

Maria and I have an online shop where we sell hand made gifts of all sorts. We have some crafting tendencies. We have to be working on something, making something, creating something…so that’s what we did. We worked on a few new projects this weekend to help keep our shop stocked and to keep occupied while we wait for our dream land purchase to be completed..

Maria has been making her own tie dyed fabric for a while now. She used some of that fabric to make several new bags. Wine bags, totes, and such. That material also makes some really cool journal/ notebook covers. She really is a genius.

I kept the forge running as much as I could. I finished up the knife pictured and got it listed. I have been working with metal for quite a while now, but have avoided making pattern welded (Damascus) steel. The thought of repeated making forge welds and shaping, and reshaping the same piece of metal just didn’t appeal to me much. I decided to try my hand at a high layer numbered piece. I have made a few with 14-20 layers. The wavy patterns were pretty cool, but I decided to shoot for 300+ layers.

I’ve been looking at the requirements to become certified by the American Bladesmith Society. The requirements and process to become first a Journeyman Bladesmith, and then a Master Bladesmith are really extensive. It will take several years to become certified. One of the requirements to become a Master Bladesmith is to create a blade with a minimum of 300 layers of Damascus…so I figured, why not give it a try!

It is very labor intensive, and can be quite fickle to make sure that those forge welds are done correctly, but WOW!! I even impressed myself some. The pattern of the different layers is absolutely amazing. The interesting thing I realized is that people see what they love in the pattern and it’s different for each person. I see the intricacies of the metal, Maria sees flowing water, and a friend of ours that does wood carving saw a wood grain pattern..how strange is it that everyone sees something different?

I’ve let this post run on a bit long. I can talk about Blacksmithing/ Bladesmithing for hours, LOL..

If you are interested in checking out our other creations, please feel free to visit our Etsy Shop:


Or our website that is still connected to our Etsy shop: http://www.noharminfarmin.com

All the proceeds from our shop are going toward the farm, with the hopes that we can fulfill our dream of being self supporting and feeding the needy with all of our surplus produce. Thanks for reading, and we hope that you have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Holding pattern for closing..trying to keep busy.

  1. That is such a bummer, but as you said very impressive that your attorney is being so thorough. I love your shop! And having a forge is something my husband wants to try, but we have a lot to learn before we get to that point! Best of luck getting the land sorted out.


    • It really is kind of a bummer. Thanks for the compliment on our shop. We’re pretty proud of it. Sometimes the learning process begins by just getting out there and doing. Small mistakes and failures can be our greatest teachers!!


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