We are back on track!!!

The farm has found us….

After the very disappointing experience we had 6 month ago with the closing date coming and going for our farm land…we just settled into a routine of working and searching. Things continue to go well with our Etsy shop. Maria has been making some wonderful tie dye items, and my blacksmithing has been gaining popularity.

We continued to look and search for that perfect parcel, with most of the searches ending with a just a few minutes of computer work.

But, finally….that parcel found us. We have been receiving e-mails with land listings for months with nothing in our price range or well outside the list of details we were looking for.

This last Saturday we took a trip to Pittsylvania County Va to look at one. The one that had passed the electronic scrutiny. We realized that this is the one!!!

We have started the paper work for 18.38 acres of gently rolling land with a creek crossing the parcel about 1000 feet from the road. It’s a good parcel that will still require a ton of work to get moving along the way we want. It had been logged about 8 years ago. This has good and bad points. The bad is that the trees that are growing back are only about 15-20 feet tall. For the couple of years that it was completely clear the briars pretty much taken over. It took quite a while for us to hack and chop our way from the road side to the creek. We worked up quite a sweat and a fair amount of scratches getting there. The good side to that is that they won’t take much to clear the briars, and we will need to remove some trees. With their small stature it will make it much easier. We then can perform some good forest management to help the existing trees to prosper.

Now, we are cautiously optimistic about this. We are excited, yet we are waiting until the deal is done. We thought we had the other one in the bag…and then it slipped away.

This one is twice the size of the first..and should make a great farm.

We’ll continue to make things and look forward to meeting new, wonderful people on Etsy…and when the deal is done, then the real work begins!!

We hope that you all have a wonderful December, and we will be much more active here as things progress. With tons of photos!!!!


6 thoughts on “We are back on track!!!

  1. I am glad to read that you have your land at last. I admire your energy and stamina to work your job as well as your ESTY shop AND create a homestead. I look forward to reading about your process and how you make your decisions about what comes first. Did you do a soil test before you purchased? That might make a great blog post too…What can you expect to grow in Virginia? Donna At the Small House Big Sky Homestead

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    • Thanks! The thought process is going to be long and twisting with lots of changes to the plan for sure!
      We didn’t have a soil test done, but we looked at the soil on the land and looked around the area. For most vegetables and such it looks pretty versatile. Its got some clay to it, but it also has a fair amount of biological material. Some added compost will help even more.


      • One thing I leaned the hard way was the although my soil looked good it was actually quite short of the necessary nutrients. We have very lean, oak savannah forest soil and have a very hard time growing vegetables in it. What I did that helped some was add many inches of bark chips to my beds and well composted horse manure a minimum of three years in advance to when I wanted to plant. So my advice to you is get your soil tested as early as possible and then plan where you intende to make your gardens. Then amend, amend and amend NOW an then when you are ready to plant you have hedged your bets. Good luck!


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