In a holding pattern once again…but it’s ok..we are keeping busy.

As things start to line up once again for a purchase for out land. We are cautiously optimistic..we love this parcel as we love the last one. But, the other sale fell through so we had to let it go.

It really is ok. We’ve got forever to work that land, and waiting another week or two will not make or break us. It’s just the childlike excitement that is driving us crazy!

Maria and I have been keeping busy though. The craft side of our lives is maintaining a steady stream of sales. Our shop on Etsy is doing fairly well. That keeps us occupied while we wait. I continue to work in the forge and try to come up with new, and beautiful metal items, while Maria continues to sew and has come up with some REALLY cool tie-dyed items. If you want to have a peek, wander over to, or at

A good bit of Etsy sellers get super busy this time of year. We did last year, but this year hasn’t been much of a holiday rush. This might bother others, but we are ok with it. We’ve been building a decent following over the last year and a half. This has caused us to have some steady (if not bank buster) sales. We are totally fine with that. Our crafts are for enjoyment, utility, and as an artistic outlet. Any money made just helps to forward our cause to eventually Homestead for the Hungry. Once we get started on that land (fingers crossed that it’s this parcel) and we start to really generate some food…we plan on supporting ourselves with our crafts and giving away what we can’t eat..

Anyway, once we get up there and start working we’ll be posting photos and updates as often as we can..if you want to see what we have been up to, come on over to Etsy…there is still time to find great gifts for yourself or loved ones for Christmas..


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