Clearing brush on the cheap…

As we are finishing up taking possession of our new land (YAAAAAYYY!!! FINALLY!) We now are starting to plan and get ready for the adventure to really begin.

Our land is 18.38 acres with a small creek cutting across it about 1000 feet from the road. We absolutely love the lay of the land and the water.

The only problem….is that it had been logged about 8 years ago. The trees are growing back well, which we love. But, for the first couple of years after the logging, the briars and underbrush have absolutely taken over.

Our top two preferences for clearing all of this is 1. a small herd of goats…and 2. a tractor with a bush hog.

  1. ecologically sound, and would in turn start to build our livestock…but we won’t be on the property for weeks at a time for a while and we don’t want to leave the little buggers unattended for that long.
  2. this option will be a necessity down the road, but after purchasing the land, we are a little tight with funds for a bit, so this one will have to wait.

That brings us to the solution we’ve come up with. Maria and I are going to be using two straight shaft weed eaters with metal blades and we are going to just start at the beginning and start clearing.

The beginning plan is to cut a driveway from the road to just near the creek…about 1000 feet!..then a clearing where we plan to start building the cabin and barn. Then, every time we are up there to work, we’ll spend a little of the allotted time clearing a little more.

This is a huge, daunting job but we have the rest of our lives, and rather than slash/burn, or mow down everything, we would rather selectively clear what we need to and let nature run the rest. We really are shooting for good forest management practices to let the natural trees thrive and to allow us to grow and produce what we need.

We should be headed up on Saturday to start the adventure and hope to have some pictures to share after that…

We hope that everyone has a wonderfully Merry Christmas (or whichever holiday you observe) and a Joyous New Year.


7 thoughts on “Clearing brush on the cheap…

  1. Congratulations on finally having your own piece of land. We were in that place just over 10 yrs ago….we never run out of projects. Oh, and that tractor you talked about (I thought at first that it was just another big toy my husband wanted) is absolutely essential. we’ve used ours for jobs we never even dreamed of before we had our own land. Maybe you can get a neighbor with a tractor to do some clearing for you?


  2. Keep us posted on how the clearing goes. We have a similar issue in that we aren’t ready for goats yet, but we have some serious underbrush and kudzoo taking over the back acre of our property.


    • We won’t be far from the lopping shears at first. We’ve got a 1000 foot driveway to cut at first, and while we aren’t in a big rush, everything else hinges on that driveway. We’ve got a commercial grade weed sacked with the metal blade to accomplish this part. Maria and I both agree that the personal, hands on labor will be better for us all around.

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  3. Hey there – Tasha from reLuxe Ranch. On the goat front – they are great for clearing leaves and brier and folding over a few trees. But if you really need to clear the land…use pigs. They can’t reach as high, but they’ll make it so you can walk through your forest and if trees are young, if left long enough, you’ll be able to start a weed free garden. Congrats to you guys. We were at that starting point almost three years go now. Super exciting. But you have the right idea, take your time, respect the land.

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    • Hey Tasha, thanks for the congrats. Either pigs or goats would be an option if we could be on the farm full time to take care of them. The problem is that we still have our day jobs and don’t be there even part time for a bit. I think we will clear part of it by hand and then go the livestock route later on. I appreciate the heads up on the swine though.


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