Catching up on some chores while we wait…

There is something that we’ve realized while sub-urban homesteading is that some times there is a ton of work to be done, and sometimes you’ve just got to wait. 

We have finally found our farmland so we can start the transition from our rented 1/3 of an acre to the wild and wooly 18.38 acres that we will own. Things have been going along pretty well, except the holidays. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no scrooge but when you are trying to get official guvmint work done so you can get to the fun part, its really difficult to get anything done when everyone is taking every other day off.

We enjoy, and understand the need for family time….but in our world, is a farmer’s work ever really done? Can you tell your chickens, or your goats, or your cows…Well, the holidays are coming up so I will try to find the time to feed you sometime between Christmas and New Years.NOPE

But, obviously lawyers, clerks, and other city type folk have that luxury. We’ve got a pile of work to do, we just have to wait for everyone else to finish their work before we can start ours.

It’s ok, no really it is. Maria and I have been catching up on a few things instead of twiddling our thumbs.

We took some of our older cast iron and a few pieces that we picked up at a flea market and reseasoned them. The older ones we had just needed a little tlc, the flea market jobs needed ALOT of tlc. They are now looking really good. We’ve now got some extras to take and leave at the farm.

I also did a little, ok a ton, of shop clean up. A blacksmiths shop can get really dirty in a hurry. Now that I’ve got it cleaned up I can get back to making some new items for our Etsy shop. Maria was able to make a whole new batch of tie-dye today to list online. Feel free to come check us out if you like.

So, until the attorneys and such can tear themselves away from their parties and revelry to finish the paperwork, we will be prepping tools, sewing, dyeing, smithing……….and waiting.

We really do hope everyone had a good Christmas and will have a joyous new year.


2 thoughts on “Catching up on some chores while we wait…

  1. Gracious! I’m drooling over all that gorgeous cast iron! I have only a few of my pieces left, because the others got too heavy for me to lift (it was totally their fault, though, because surely I haven’t gotten weaker as I edge into my seventies!). So, man, you’ve got the land and the cast iron! Like, what else could you need???
    Anyway, yay for the progress you’re making, in your own way, and for livin’ the dream! ❤

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