A little smithing while waiting for the snow..

We are supposedly in the path of the most cataclysmic snow storm ever seen by mankind.

Just kidding, we might get a dusting of snow tomorrow, but if you watch people here on the NC coast you would think that the end of days is near.

Maria and I actually have this weekend off, and COULD go up to our new farm, but we don’t want to brave the other outstanding snow drivers to get there.

We got the e-mail and phone call earlier today that the attorneys have finished up the closing and have everything filed, so THE FARM IS OURS!!!!!

Now, if we’d known that earlier in the week we could have gotten north before the snow. Our 18.38 acres are a little rough and we need to clear a lot of briars and we’ll have to stay in a tent when we go up to stay but its ok as we don’t mind sleeping in a tent in the snow.

Since we couldn’t make it this weekend, we decided to use this time to work on some items for our Etsy shop.

Maria has been working on an order for some cloth napkins, and I’ve got two pending orders. One is for a bearded axe I made awhile back, the other is for a set of holdfasts.

If you do any woodworking or blacksmithing and you’re not using holdfasts, you are really missing out! They are the old fashioned version of a bench vise. They hold way better than any vise I’ve used. These have been a pretty good seller this year in our online shop. It’s good to see folks going back to the old ways of doing things.

I also worked on a new machete / brush knife I made from some coil spring out of an old ford truck. I had to pull some hardness out of the handle so I can drill it for handle pins.

I’m trying to get a few more hunting knives made so I can get them posted for sale. In the last couple of years I’ve really gotten into making Damascus steel (pattern welded) knives. It takes a lot longer to make, but they make better quality knife and look really cool. I think its ok if your tools look nice as well as work well.

The cool thing about making Damascus is that once you get it polished up you can’t see the pattern until you soak the steel in acid to allow the different steels to react differently. That’s a whole other post though.

This is one I’m working on just after the first heat treat. You can just see the pattern (barely). That piece of maple burl sitting with it will be for the handle. That will make it beautiful and functional.

This post has really gotten long enough. I can get a little wordy when I start talking about my smithing.

I will post some photos of the finished knife when I get it done. That steel is made from old chainsaw chains so the pattern should look really cool.

Do you have some winter crafts that you like to do? Or possibly have a shop on Etsy? If so, we’d love to hear from you about either or both.

All the best,



10 thoughts on “A little smithing while waiting for the snow..

  1. Hi! I just went back and read through a few of your old posts. It reminds me so much of our search for ‘our perfect place’ to retire…having the deal fall through, searching for another place, waiting to see if the sellers would agree to the deal. Will we get the loan? Will the house pass inspection? (etc.) I can feel your excitement to FINALLY be at your place. We had to wait a year before we could move into the dilapidated, barely livable, fix-er-upper house. 🙂 We are still working on it, and our neighbors tell us that when you live in the country, your work is never done. We wouldn’t change a thing!

    Hang in there! It is SO worth it when you are finally in the country on your own land, whether it is livable or not! There is nothing like being on your own piece of land and working hard toward your goal.

    I’m really excited for you guys and looking forward to following your journey.

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  2. Well you can send the snow here in Wisconsin….we are in a deep freeze and it has lasted for a couple of days. So, so cold.
    And love seeing your work!
    I do have an Etsy shop that needs tending to and that will be a part of my weekend as well as creating a mobile for a client.
    That and some new designs is also on the to-do list.
    So enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing more of the farm and work that you all are ding and creating!

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  3. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you guys, and can’t wait to see photos of your new farm!

    Also, your knives are beautiful! My husband has talked before about Damascus steel knives, and I can see why he likes them. I think it’s awesome that you can do this age-old craft. Good work!

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  4. Whoa. That smithing looks good! Cool stuff. We don’t have an etsy shop but the husband makes wood furniture, which is a wintery type of hobby. And I generally do most of my crafting then (cross-stitch, quilting, and reading). Board and card games. Mostly, we like to hibernate the Alaskan winter away! Lots of research, that sort of thing.

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