Just a quick update on the smithing..

I just wanted to share a quick update on the knife I was working on yesterday. Like I said, I decided to make some “chainsaw Damascus”. For any blacksmiths out there that haven’t ever made their own Damascus steel, be careful! Once you start you can’t stop!!!!!!

The patterns that come out of it are always a surprise after the acid soak. Not only does it create a beautiful knife, but it helps to increase the strength and edge holding ability of the blade.

Most times I use some 15n20 and some 1095 high carbon steel to make the billets. But I also like to use some various scrap to help lower our foot print and to try to recycle when I can. This one was made from some old, bent chainsaw chains. I’ve got a bunch that have been worn out over the years and I always thought about what I could do with them instead of just throwing them away. So, I cut them up into 6 inch pieces, tacked them together, heated them in the forge, and then pounded the snot out of them. The most challenging part was the initial forge welds. Even though I tack welded them together, it was still like trying to hit a live snake with a hammer until I got them to weld. Good times.

Anyway, here are some pictures in process…

First heat treat for hardness..

After polishing and sharpening…

And finally, after the acid etch, and the fit and finish of the handle..speaking of the handle…..

Is that not a gorgeous maple burl???

I’m really proud of how this one came out. Thanks for reading, I’ve got to keep busy until we can get up to the farm and I’ve got plenty to do.

Please feel free to leave a comment, we love to hear from folks reading our blog.

All the best,



2 thoughts on “Just a quick update on the smithing..

  1. Nice work! Love the maple handle. I’ve always wanted to add blacksmiting to my list of hobbies but I’m not sure it will ever happen. Ironically we have a sword maker in town whose had requests for apprentices from time to time. I always kind of wish….. do you sell your knives?

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    • Thanks for the compliment! It can be a big undertaking to start smithing. If you can do a little apprentice work first it would be a good idea. To jump into it sometimes requires a fairly large investment. I do sell the knives I make in person and online. My wife and I have an online shop on etsy.
      It can be fun to do, but it can be a little addicting though.



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