Big day tomorrow!

Well, all of the paperwork is complete. We now own our beautiful 18.38 acres. One of our big struggles will be to find time to drive the 3.5 hours to the farm to work and prep it for when we can move there full time. 

I originally thought that we would have to wait until next weekend to start working on it as that’s when Maria and I would both have time off. But as luck would have it, I can take tomorrow off and Maria has Monday off for the holiday. So we are headed up first thing tomorrow morning and we will have two full days to work. Can I just say that I’m so excited that I can’t stand it?

The first order of business that everything else is dependent on is getting the driveway cut through the brush to the homesite. Depending on the parcel and the terrain this might be a big or small job for some folks. For us, its fairly big. We’ve got to cut a 1000 foot driveway through some pretty heavy brush and briars.

I went on Thursday and got a really nice commercial grade Stihl weed whacker with the metal saw blade. We wish that we could be there full time with some livestock to clear the brush, but that’s not the case, yet.

 Tomorrow is technically day 1 of the physical journey of homesteading for us. Wish us luck, and please feel free to leave any comment you like. Even if you want to let us know that we are out of our minds.

Our next post will be from the farm with lots of pictures!

Have a great Saturday!



9 thoughts on “Big day tomorrow!

  1. Oh, man, you’re not out of your minds! I’m really envious and so very glad for you two. Nearly 50 years ago, we had a similar dream and ended up with 3/4 acre of steep red clay, an organic garden, chickens, and a subscription to Mother Earth News, for which I was grateful.
    It’s a dream worth having, and I’m delighted to be able to read about it!

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