First day on the farm!

Yesterday was the first day to work on the farm. We only planned on staying over one night and working two days.

Wow, what a start!!!!

We had some success and some set back. I knew it was going to get rough.

  • So, this is the entrance to our new land. Can you see the driveway? It’s plain as day! Right there between those two small pine trees on the left, right through that tall dry patch of grass. Got it? Nope….there isn’t one but there soon will be.

We started with the badass weedeater. That think is a beast. We were able to get about 300 feet cut and then we ran into a snag.

There is a ditch that runs from left to right. It starts fairly shallow, but as it runs to the right, toward the creek it gets pretty damned deep and sharp.

The original plan for the driveway wasn’t going to work as originally planned. It looks to be an old natural ditch that hasn’t seen the flow of water for a long time. We will only need to fill just a bit where its shallow to create the driveway.I don’t want to fill the whole thing is because it runs to the creek and if we end up getting some crazy storm in the future, I want the water to have someplace to go besides through the house or barn.

That’s the first camp set up. Obviously its temporary but it’s a start. We we will keep working into the brush to get to the actual homesite, it’s only 1 ditch and 800 feet away!

Such a happy team! Our head of security (Fletcher) was so wound up to be there that we nearly had to sedate him,lol.

  • We were able to cut a walking trail to the creek that cuts a cross our parcel. It is a winding, meandering trail that got us there. It will also give me the opportunity to attack the really thick brush from both sides to get the homesite and driveway cleared. It really is a beautiful creek.

I got some game cameras set up to find out what’s moving around out there. While cutting the trail I saw some HUGE deer tracks.

So, for now we had to go back to the beach, but we shall return to our future home!


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