The joy of handmade tools…

Part of what Maria and I do to try to make our foot print smaller is to make a lot of what we need instead of buying it.

Maria sews really well and she has made several work related items;

Notebook covers,



I have a tendency to be little bit of a perfectionist when I’m making tools for others, but for myself they must work well but its ok if they are uglier than a mud fence. And they usually are.

This is my home made belt grinder. Ugly? Absolutely!! But, its sturdy as a rock and runs like a dream. Rather than spend several hundred dollars for a belt grinder, I would rather build one. 

I have built a lot of my own tools and racks.






Bush axes,

And of course knives.

Here are a couple of racks I built. One is for hammers and the other is mounted to my anvil for tongs. (No, I didn’t build the anvil, but I made one for Maria and am in the process of making another)

We really enjoy the process of making things and the joy of using the things we make.

Feel free to comment and tell us all about what you make, either to use or sell. Also, if you have anything special that you would like to have but just can’t seem to find it anywhere, let us know. We just might be able to make it for you!

All the best,



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