Busy weekend, crazy week..

We finally got the last 650 feet of driveway cleared for a total of 950 of 12 feet wide driveway. Now we have to start leveling and smoothing it. It was a long weekend. Its been really difficult to stay there over night as we haven’t had much cleared area for a campsite. So we’ve been driving back and forth everyday that we go. Normally that’s not a huge deal, but this weekend we drove 3.5 hours up, worked all day and then drove 3.5 hours back. Then on Sunday we repeated the process. That made for some exhausting days.

We did get that driveway cleared and about 1/2 an acre of the 2 acres were the house and barn will be. So that was really exciting. We rented a walk behind brush cutter and it worked like a champ. Its called a “Billygoat”. I think there are two reasons they named their brand that way. 1. It eats just about anything it gets near, and 2. When you are hanging onto the handlebars and it’s getting into rough terrain it kind of feels like you are holding the horns of a really pissed off Billy goat.

That’s me with the billy goat, can you tell which is which?

Ahh, my beautiful Maria enjoying her new driveway.

So that’s the busy weekend part, now to the crazy week…

After the exhausting, but glorious,work we did we had to return to the daily grind.

While we were both at work on Monday, Maria checked the e-mail that we share for our Etsy shop and other business stuff. She immediately called me and told me that I needed to read it because I finally received an e-mail back about appearing on the television show “Forged In Fire” on the History Channel. 

So it looks like Maria and I will be taking a trip to Brooklyn N.Y. so they can film and I can compete. 

If you aren’t familiar with the show its a blacksmithing/bladesmithing competition for a chance to win $10,000 and the title “Forged In Fire champion”.

I’m super excited to be able to compete and show my smithing skills, but I’m also nervous as hell.

Check out the History Channel website, if you are interested. And, if you are interested in the work I do with knives, or the awesome tie dyed items that Maria makes, come visit us @ noharminfarmin.com or http://www.etsy.com/shop/noharminfarmin

We hope that you all have a wonderful week, and we will post more as soon as we get some more work done at the farm.

Friendly Farm Visitors…

Hey all, we had the opportunity to make a day trip to the farm today to get some more work done.

We were only able to cut another 150 feet or so of driveway. Only about 450 more feet to go.

The briars got SUPER thick for about 50 feet today….

This was a hard fought 150 feet. But we are getting closer. I do think that we are going to have to rent a skid steer with a bush hog deck though to get this finished. Cutting it with a weed eater and saw blade is rough, slow going.

It wasn’t all had work and struggle today though. We spent some great time in and around the creek. We also downloaded the photos from our 3 game cameras. We found that we had some visitors within the month that we’ve been absent.


A lovely little doe.


Two neighbors from across the road.


She brought a friend.


Sometimes a late night snack.


This little fat guy is all over.


We also ran a water test on the creek water. We had notice that it was clear and fast moving when we were looking at the property. We figured that if it wasn’t drinkable for us that it would be suitable for irrigation at least.

Well….we tested it with a pretty substantial test kit, and it show’s as a great quality for potability!! I even had some to drink (after the tests) and it was delicious, cold, and refreshing. Here are the results from the test:

Total Hardness ppm : 0

Total Chlorine ppm : 0

Alkalinity ppm : 0

PH : 7

Nitrite ppm: 0

Nitrate ppm : 0

Copper ppm : 0

Iron ppm : 0

Coliform Bacteria : negative  (this one is the poop test, so..that’s good news)

We were super excited about the results of the test. Over all it was a great day on the farm and we can’t wait to spend more time there. It was so good that I even found my sunglasses in the woods that I lost two months ago while we were just looking at the property!!

So this will eventually be our new hometown. I think this sign coming into town pretty well sums up our farm!

Have a great weekend!


Trucks, chainsaws, and bar oil…

I thought I would share a bit of unfortunate humor today.

On our last trip to the farm I had the truck loaded with just about every tool and implement I could fit in it. When we got back to town, I unloaded the majority of tools, but I left a few. Mainly just a couple of shovels and rakes. One thing I left was a jug of bar oil for the chainsaw. I didn’t think that there would be a problem with it being in the bed of the truck.

I was wrong.

A few days after we got back from the farm, I had to make a run to the steel yard. I had a couple of blacksmithing orders to fill, and some ideas for more projects. So, off I go in the truck.

While loading the truck at the steel yard I inadvertently poked a small hole in that jug with a stick of 5/8 inch round bar. As I was unloading the steel I noticed a little oil in the bed of the truck. No big deal it’ll keep the truck from rusting, so I thought. What I didn’t realize was that it continued to dribble and got worse.

Tonight, we were getting things together for another trip tomorrow. Maria says to me ” you might want to clean up some of the oil in the truck so all the tools aren’t all greasy”. As always she is full of wisdom.

Then the real fun begins. I pulled the rest of the tools out of the truck and wiped them down. Still not bad.

Then I grabbed the jug. Nearly a half gallon of oil had leaked out. After a bunch of kitty litter, sand, and purple power degreaser and a whole ton of effort, I finally got it cleaned and prevented an ecological disaster. Keeping all that crap contained was a huge pain. But, I got it done.

So, my advice for riding around with a jug of bar oil in the back of your truck ( and of course, who wouldn’t?) is…if it is in a plastic jug, put it in the damn tool box!!!

I didn’t include any photos with this post because I was too angry with myself to think about taking any. I was mad, but now it just kind of cracks me up.

Maria and I hope everyone has a great weekend, and feel free to share any disaster stories big or small that you can laugh about now.

All the best,