Trucks, chainsaws, and bar oil…

I thought I would share a bit of unfortunate humor today.

On our last trip to the farm I had the truck loaded with just about every tool and implement I could fit in it. When we got back to town, I unloaded the majority of tools, but I left a few. Mainly just a couple of shovels and rakes. One thing I left was a jug of bar oil for the chainsaw. I didn’t think that there would be a problem with it being in the bed of the truck.

I was wrong.

A few days after we got back from the farm, I had to make a run to the steel yard. I had a couple of blacksmithing orders to fill, and some ideas for more projects. So, off I go in the truck.

While loading the truck at the steel yard I inadvertently poked a small hole in that jug with a stick of 5/8 inch round bar. As I was unloading the steel I noticed a little oil in the bed of the truck. No big deal it’ll keep the truck from rusting, so I thought. What I didn’t realize was that it continued to dribble and got worse.

Tonight, we were getting things together for another trip tomorrow. Maria says to me ” you might want to clean up some of the oil in the truck so all the tools aren’t all greasy”. As always she is full of wisdom.

Then the real fun begins. I pulled the rest of the tools out of the truck and wiped them down. Still not bad.

Then I grabbed the jug. Nearly a half gallon of oil had leaked out. After a bunch of kitty litter, sand, and purple power degreaser and a whole ton of effort, I finally got it cleaned and prevented an ecological disaster. Keeping all that crap contained was a huge pain. But, I got it done.

So, my advice for riding around with a jug of bar oil in the back of your truck ( and of course, who wouldn’t?) is…if it is in a plastic jug, put it in the damn tool box!!!

I didn’t include any photos with this post because I was too angry with myself to think about taking any. I was mad, but now it just kind of cracks me up.

Maria and I hope everyone has a great weekend, and feel free to share any disaster stories big or small that you can laugh about now.

All the best,



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