For the love of a tractor…

Today we had a new member join our family.

We had been contemplating buying a tractor as we are going to need one eventually on our 18 acres. With so much brush to clear between the trees we thought about buying a billy goat brush cutter, but once the brush is cut there won’t be much use for that. So, we came across a great deal on this little beauty.

Its a 1985 John Deere model 850. 25 HP two wheel drive with a three point hitch.

It needs a little love, but since I was a diesel mechanic in the Marines I can handle anything that comes up.

It needs a new starter (current one works but is a bit wonky), a new muffler (rusted out), and two new front tires (a little dry for).

Other than it starts and purrs like a kitten. We started touching up the faded paint just for fun and because I still had a can of JD green spray paint in the shop.

So this will make clearing and working a whole lot faster, and we would need one eventually so here we go. The Lord provided the deal as we were trying to plan things out. The price was really good and really….who doesn’t love a tractor. Btw, Maria named her Debbie Deere…


11 thoughts on “For the love of a tractor…

  1. Congrats! Matt and i bought a tractor with our property. However, with all the hills we have, we were too scared to drive it. Everyone kept telling us stories of tractors tipping over around here and people losing legs or dying. You sound better prepared to drive one then we were. But beware of hills!

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    • It is possible, and there have been people killed and maimed since tractors were invented. I grew up with them and operated much more dangerous equipment in rougher terrain while in the Corps. Just have to careful, wary, and respect the capabilities.


  2. Congrats on your new addition. I never drove a tractor until 6 years ago when we bought ours. I love doing tractor work. Isn’t it cool when you see God opening doors for you. You must be on the right track.

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