Tractor prep update..

In our last post I told you all about our new tractor.

We’ve got a little update on getting it ready for the farm.

Maria initially named her Debbie, but since we know someone named Debbie it was a little weird talking about her so we renamed her Darla (the tractor, not the friend lol) Deere.

We are still waiting on a couple of parts, the starter and muffler, but I got a lot done today. I removed and repainted a bunch of panels and brackets. I fixed and rewelded the linkage for the throttle. I installed a work light to the fender and wired it up. The battery cables needed a little love so they now look a lot better.

We took a ride to Tractor Supply today and drooled over the three point implements that are available. And then we picked up a few things for Darla. Some new locking pins, a towing shackle, a new top link for the three point hitch, and some cans of paint for her rattle can therapy. The paint alone has her looking like she’s ready for the county fair.

We have to borrow a trailer to get her up to the farm, so once we do we’ll have some photos of Darla in action.

We hope everyone has a great week.


2 thoughts on “Tractor prep update..

    • Once are able to live their full time we plan on growing all types of fruits and vegetables. We plan on donating all of our surplus to homeless shelters and food banks. Thank you for the compliment, we are in love with it.


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