A little pre-work snow fun..

I know A lot of folks got some snow over the weekend and there are a ton more in the northeast that are going to get a blizzard in the next couple of days.

Maria laughed about the snow we got. We found it funny for a couple of reasons. One of them is that since is from Maine and I’m from Indiana this little dusting wasn’t really a concern as it seemed to others around here. The southeastern coast of North Carolina doesn’t get much snow at all so people have a tendency to freak out.

The other reason we found it humorous was that the local weather man was pretty adamant that we would only get some rain…not an inch of snow.

So, we had a little snow ball fight where I inadvertently whitewashed Maria on the side of her head when a snowball hit the side of the house as she tried to duck. She wasn’t mad because like I said, she’s from Maine and knows the rules and risks of the snowball battle.

I sure do love that woman! I have known that for quite a long time, but when she came home for lunch the other day, still dressed really nice in the dress that she decided on that day and walked through the back gate to where I was working in the forge. The reason I realized how much I love her is that as nicely as she was dressed, she came through that gate toting the two new front tires for the tractor that FedEx had dropped on the front porch. She is the best ever!!!!

So….my true love, my soul mate, my best friend and I are taking that tractor up to the farm in the morning and putting it to work…

We hope that everyone has a great day and be sure to let the ones you love know what they mean to you.



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