The old girl is working well..

We finally got our old tractor up to the farm. I had confidence in her abilities, but had no idea that she would work as well as she does. In about an hour I was able to clear as much as it took us in 4 other visits.

She was running strong, and with the brand new bush hog deck from County Line products she was eating brush like mad.

We had a friend help us haul her up there and I felt bad for him because it was a 3.5 hour drive up and there wasn’t really anything for him to do while Maria and I did our normal clearing activities.

We didn’t stay that long to work that day because TJ (the friend) needed to get back to work the next day.

I did want to cut a little more but I unfortunately hit a pretty solid stump hiding in the brush and the shear pin on the pto shaft did what a shear pin is supposed to do. It sheared. Since we hadn’t brought our own truck with us, we didn’t have any spares meaning we were done for the day.

Notice the end of the pto shaft?

Tj being a trooper. He’s a great friend and really helped us out. 

So, we are going back this weekend with a pocketbook of shear bolts and really put the old girl through her paces. We hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!



5 thoughts on “The old girl is working well..

  1. When we first started using our tractor at the farm we went through a lot of cotter pins (not sure if this is the same as what you broke). Our tractor has a small storage compartment under the seat – we keep a shop rag for checking the oil and trans fluid and a bag full of cotter pins in various sizes.

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  2. How did the bush hog compare to the billygoat? As I mentioned in my earlier comment, we’re aiming to clear brush from the shore of our pond this spring. The bank isn’t too steep, so we could likely run the tractor there safely. The shore is mostly covered with overgrown grasses, although there are a few small scrub trees that have sprouted up. I’m wondering which tool would be best. Bush hog is definitely on my tractor attachment wishlist. I’m not sure I’ll be able to find one to borrow or rent. I’m also not sure if a billygoat exists for rent around our area. I’d love your insights to help guide me with what I search for.

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    • The billy goat works really well for tight areas. If you can get the tractor that close to the pond safely I would say go tractor. If you have small saplings and grass the billy goat would do great, any trees over 2 inches in thickness will be a fight. It will do it, but I figured out the 2 reasons they named it a billy goat. 1. It will eat just about anything it gets close to.
      2. When things get thick, holding on to the handles is a lot like holding the horns of a pissed off billy. Lol
      Its quicker than the weedeater/saw blade combo but its a job for sure.


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