The pure joy of gravel…

With just over a week before we travel to the big Apple so I can compete on Forged In Fire, we have been busy preparing. I’ve been trying to get the shop cleaned and organized in the event that I make it to the final round. There’s a lot to making sure all of the welding tanks are full and that I have all the little supplies necessary to complete a mystery project.

Even with all of that AND both of us working full time, the work on the farm doesn’t end. 

We recently had a friend give us a 14 inch single bottom plow. That was a great gift and has already come in handy. Our first major project is getting a manageable driveway in place. Once that’s done we can start building our temporary cabin/work shed. We’ve got to get tools and supplies back to the work site.

Today we bought a 5 foot grader blade to help with that project and many more to come. We’ll be putting them both to work this Saturday.

Today, I had to give an interview by phone with a production guy for the tv show. He asked a ton of questions for over an hour.

One of the questions that he asked was “If you become the Forged In Fire champion, what do you plan on doing with the $10,000 prize?”

Without thinking, I replied that we need 175 cubic yards of gravel for our homestead.

He paused for a moment and then said “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody say something that specific. Normally its ‘take a vacation’, ‘make shop improvements’, stuff like that. Nobody has ever said 175 cubic yards of gravel” with a little laugh at the end.

I don’t know if he thought I was being funny or not. I wasn’t.

As I meet people, and they get to know me, they begin to realize that everything I do is for the homestead. Building that life and farm to create the life that Maria I long for is the end goal for everything.

Whether I’m weird because I get excited about tractor implements and 175 yards of gravel or not really doesn’t make much difference because I DO get excited about those things.

We hope that you all have a wonderful week, and hopefully we will have some photos this Saturday when we get that 1000 foot driveway all graded and ready for that gravel.

Take care and feel blessed,



8 thoughts on “The pure joy of gravel…

  1. The idea of Homesteading has really captured my imagination. I was drawn to your blog by the name “NO HARM in farming”. Farming doesn’t always present a pretty picture in my mind, though I have never farmed in my life. Anyway enough about me. I wish you tons of luck with your driveway and the Forged in Fire competition.

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    • Thanks Barbara. While farming definitely has its fair share of disappointment and hardship, we believe that if done right ( in conjunction with nature) that there really is no harm in it. Instead of destroying the earth and pumping it full of chemicals, we like the idea of permaculture and farming in harmony with the planet. We hope that you continue to come along on our journey and that you enjoy it as much as we do.
      Thank you for the well wishes, I’m hoping that both go well.
      All the best,


  2. Your journey is an inspirational one. I admire anyone who is so dedicated to an idea. Working the land is part of my heritage, and had I lived in another time, I would have been behind a plow. Best of luck in your pursuits…. Vann Helms


    • Thank you! We have really done a lot of soul searching in the last few years and want our lives to have meaning. Not by today’s standards of fame and fortune, but by substance. Welcome to our journey, we hope you enjoy it.
      All the best to you,


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