We have had so much going with other things since we bought our land that things have been super slow getting the homestead up and running. We do just about have the driveway ready for the 175 cubic yards of crusher run to “pave” it. We have had to cut, and dig, and plow, and scrape to get 950 feet of 12 foot wide driveway cleared.

We have been holding off with trying to build ANY structure until we can get the truck all the way back to the building site. We are close now.

This week is the trip to NYC for my competition and filming for Forged In Fire. Once that’s done we should be able to work on the farm more than 2 days a month.

Its hard to believe that we technically got all that done in 8 days work. Even though those 8 days stretched over 4 months.

Once I get done with the show, it will be game on with the farm. Just a tad bit more compaction and then the gravel. And then, we can get some structures up.

Its way past my bedtime as I need to get up tomorrow, complete an order for some woodworking holdfasts that someone ordered today and then stress about New York some more.

We hope you all have wonderful week.



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