Everything and nothing..

I’ve waited a while to write another post as we’ve had a lot going on and yet nothing really happening.

Confused? Me too.

Maria and I had a great trip to NYC so that I could participate in filming an episode of Forged In Fire. 

I can’t talk about the show much as of now due to it not airing yet. I will let everyone know when it does in case you want to watch. I can say that it was a great experience and I would totally do it again.

We had a few extra days in the city and we were able to do some tourist type of things. Neither of us are big fans of cities, but Maria was sporting around like a local in no time. We did a lot of walking each day, ranging from 5 to 13 miles and saw a lot of cool things.

This is the beautiful view from our hotel room.

We got a great view of Ms Liberty from the Staten Island ferry.

At the 911 memorial we found the reflecting pools very touching and heart wrenching. There was also a couple nearby creating this really cool sand structure.

We also spent a full day at the Met. Marveling over the history, and the craftsmanship of everything displayed there. It was very humbling to know that these things were created long ago with only hand tools. 

I found a lot of inspiration in the armory section. The knives, swords, and firearms were amazing.

Anyway, we are home now. We’ve had one trip to the farm to work since then. That’s a subject for another post. 

Remember to watch Forged In Fire, not just for me, but for all of the talented smiths that participate.


4 thoughts on “Everything and nothing..

    • I don’t know yet, they are supposed to let me know. I would estimate within a month. I will be posting as soon as I know. I’m the third smith introduced.
      Thanks for following our blog and joining our adventure.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know 5 guys through my SCA affiliations who have been on it 4 have won. We met a casting person on vacation at one of our farmers market last year and they asked if we wanted to be on it. We said we were not ready yet maybe in a year of two. It has been really good for our business though. People are really excited to see hand made knives and they have a better understanding for the work involved because of the show.


        • I can understand that, I probably wasn’t ready yet. I’ve only been doing it for about 5 years part time and I’m all self taught. It was loads of fun though and if I can get another shot, I’d love to do it again. I think the show is really good for the craft too.


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