Taking a break…haha

Lately we have been running wide open, full throttle. Both of us working full time jobs, making things for our etsy shop (for stock and custom orders), and going up to the farm every other weekend has been a rough pace for Maria and I.

We haven’t been staying overnight yet until we get the driveway drivable and the shed/cabin built. Using the tent cuts into work time and we found that we get more work done by driving up in the morning, working til dark and then driving back. That equates to 7 hours total driving and about 6-8 hours of work. Unfortunately that also means one day of work every 2 weeks. That severely slows progress.

This last Thursday I started looking at the weather, and it looked as if there was to be thunderstorms on the day we planned to go. So we made a decision to just stay in town this weekend.

This has proved to be a good decision, even though it turned out not to be much of a break. Since Thursday we’ve gotten a good number of orders in our Etsy shop for both made items and things we had to make. Including one fantastic custom order request for a Damascus steel kukri knife that I’ve been working on between other projects.

I started with 11 layers of 1095 high carbon steel and stainless sheet. I’m going to keep folding to try to get to 200+ layers.

So, even though we haven’t set foot on the farm, the work never ends for homesteaders. It’s a good thing that we love what we do.

We hope you all have a good holiday weekend, and if you need some tools made, or a good working apron for your homestead, feel free to come check out our Etsy shop while you are taking your break. Lol


All the best,



4 thoughts on “Taking a break…haha

    • Thank you! Being self taught (books, YouTube, and a lot ofthe messed up metal) its been a road for sure. But I love doing it and know that there are folks out there now using a quality tool that I made.
      You are more than welcome to check us out. If you are looking for something specific, or just want to ask questions, don’t hesitate!

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