Loving custom orders and quick sales!

I was contacted a few days ago by a lady looking to have a knife made for her husband’s birthday. She was very nice and very specific in what she was looking for. 

She was interested in a Damascus blade kukri, with a brass guard, camel bone handle, with her husband’s initials engraved.

I was super excited with this challenge. I took a few days to forge and shape the blade. Of course, I don’t generally have a camel cadaver laying around, so I ordered the bone for the scales.

I then took a break to work 2 days at my “regular job”. Then I got hopping today to complete the fit and finish. I might be a little biased, but I think this one came out looking FANTASTIC! But you tell me.

Here’s a little short video of the initial heat treat.

This one was a beautiful custom order. We love to hear from people and to see the creativity that others can come up with. The real joy is to take that vision and then for us to make that vision come to life.

Now, this wasn’t the quick sale as it took about a week and several messages back and forth. But, the quick sale came from Maria’s work. She had a fresh bunch of tie dyed aprons and took photos yesterday. She then posted them on our Etsy shop and within an hour one of them had sold! Gotta love a quick turn around!

We hope you all have a great week, and feel free to come check out our shop. Www.noharminfarmin.com

All the best,


We’ll be headed up to the farm to study the mud within the next few days. We’ll post an update on that mystery then.


4 thoughts on “Loving custom orders and quick sales!

    • Thanks, Anthony. It wouldn’t have been my first choice either. I normally choose woods, especially the darker species. But, that’s why I like getting custom orders. Other people’s tastes generally draw me out of that comfort zone. It does remind me of the mameluke sword carried by Officers in the U.S. Marine Corps. I wasn’t an Officer, but I always liked those swords.

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