Big moves on the crafting front…

Most folks that follow us know that in addition to working to start our homestead, we are avid makers and crafters.

In April Maria and I went to NYC so that I could compete on the History Channel show “Forged in Fire”. That was a pretty big deal for me. No, I haven’t heard when it will air, but yes I will let everyone know. Its driving me crazy in case you were wondering, lol.

Well….I’m not the only one to get some famous recognition recently!

Maria got an order to make a couple HUNDRED feet of hand tie dyed hunting, and an 8 foot by 8 foot tie dyed door curtain for the Monterey International Pop Festival!!!

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and they are celebrating that anniversary with another concert. And, Maria’s tie dye will be hung all over the place! How cool is that? She is super stoked and I am so proud of her!

Here’s a photo of the door curtain before it went out. Doesn’t that say “summer of love”?

We just wanted to share our excitement and we hope that you all have your own summer of love!



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