What’s your “signature style”?

For those of you who create, whether that’s painting, sculpting, sewing, smithing…anything really, what is your “signature style”?

As I watched a couple of seasons of the History Channel show “Forged In Fire” I kept hearing that phrase for the first round of competition in nearly every episode. The blacksmiths were told to create a blade in their “signature style”.

I’ve been smithing for a few years now and I’ve made knives of all different styles and sizes.

I’ve made:




Camp knives,

Skinning knives,

You name it, but I realized (after I competed of course) that I didn’t really have a signature style. So I thought, and I pondered and I came up with a style that I’ve made before and it seems to really fit me and my style.

It’s a smaller version of the traditional Bowie knife with a similar blade shape. I like a good, usable knife that looks really good. I like this shape and its easy for to me to reproduce.

I plan on making them with a variety of steels. I’ve got some from Damascus, 5160 high carbon, repurposed farriors rasps, AR500. I’m also making them with a mix of handle materials.

I will continue to make them as I feel the designs, but I’m always open to requests if someone has a particular mix of materials that they are looking for.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I will always make a wide variety of knives, from swords to chef knives. But in general this looks to be my “signature style”

The big question is, and I’d love to hear what it is…What is YOUR signature style?

All the best,




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