Making some progress..slowly

We have had our land since the first of the year and things have been moving very slowly, but they are moving. This week we got to move some of our new treasures up there. These things should help some with our progress.

The trip up this time was super stressful for me. We took both trucks and pulled trailers with them both. Maria had the new truck (named Ernie) pulling the pop up, and I had the older truck (named Bert) and pulling the utility trailer that I’m pretty sure was overloaded. I had well over 1000 pounds of gravel, the home built landscape rake for the tractor, and a pretty good sized wood chipper.

Maria had only pulled a trailer one other time, and that was just a cross town. She did a fantastic job on this 3.5 hour trip, but I was really nervous. I followed her and had to watch her, her trailer, traffic, my overloaded trailer all at the same time. Whew!

We made it though, without incident and got to work. The first thing was to put down the recycled carpet and this load of gravel.

It doesn’t look like much,but that’s a good bit of gravel. I really do think that the carpet technique will help stabilize that soil when it rains.

Next was to get the camper and chipper moved to there new homes, 1000 feet back. I spent some time with the rake and blade smoothing out the dirt driveway before moving them.

I then hooked up the camper to the tractor and SLOWLY pulled to the back.

That spot looks a little rough, but on the next trip I plan on mowing and sprucing up the “campsite” area.

Maria then got to work picking the remaining ripe blackberries that the wildlife hadn’t eaten.

I continued to work on grading the rest of the driveway to prep it for more carpet and gravel. There are still a few rough spots, but they are getting better.

I am planning on one little revision to the driveway. We’ve got two turns that are a little sharp so I’m going to change the angle for a more direct approach.

The one thing I was REALLY happy about was that we could finally drive something other than the tractor the full lengths of the driveway. So now it’s starting to look like a homestead, and we’ll be able to stay overnight a lot easier. Next trip is setting up the camper, landscaping the campsite, and start chipping the massive amounts of brush we’ve cut.

We hope you all have a great weekend, be safe and we’ll see ya on the next update from the overnight stay on the farm!



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