First harvest ever!!!

Maria and I stopped at the farm for just a bit on our Smokey and the Bandit run to Illinois and back. When we were there Maria noticed that the blackberries were starting to ripen. She decided that on the next trip she was going to pick some and make some jam.

So, when we took the camper and other materials up, she got to picking. Granted, a lot of the ripe ones had been snacked on by the deer, but she still got a about a 1/2 a bucket full. They were great to eat right off of the vine, but she wanted to jam them up.

I don’t know the recipe because I’m terrible at anything cooking related, but I got to eat some!

We had breakfast for supper the other night and Maria made some great eggs, sausage, and layer biscuits with her AWESOME jam on them.

I’m not normally a big sweets eater, or even a big fan of jam, but this stuff is amazing!

So this was the first harvest of anything for us on OUR farm and it feels really good. We still have about 13 acres of thick briars covered with unripened berries so I’m sure we will have more wild blackberry jam. I might even learn to help make it.

Have a great week and we’ll see you on the next update.



6 thoughts on “First harvest ever!!!

  1. There’s nothing like homemade jams and jellies especially when you grow and harvest your own fruit. While we don’t have blackberries I usually make jam or jelly from our strawberries, cherries, currants and/or grapes. Don’t remember the last time I bought any.

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