Another kukri kind of day..

As the country celebrates its independence, Maria and I are doing what we love on this holiday. She is busy sewing away making some tie dye letters. I finally lit the forge after a couple of weeks of not swinging a hammer. This is what came from that.

I started with a good piece of 5160 high carbon steel.

I thinned it some in the belly of the edge.

Then I shaped the point, and the clip. The ricasso and tang then needed to be curved.

Then to the grinder! Working out the remainder of the edge geometry and get out some of those damned hammer marks. You’ll hear me talk about those whenever my episode of Forged In Fire airs.

Once that’s all worked out then it was time for the heat treat.

I did the finish grinding and decided to put a thin fuller along the blade. This one is pretty thin and doesn’t serve much purpose  other than a decorative groove.

Now to decide on a handle material. I’ve got some different species of wood on hand, but I can’t decide.

I will leave that up to you. Let me know what you think a good handle material would be for this knife, either natural or synthetic. I love to hear the creative ideas of others so lets hear your thoughts!

I know this one isn’t directly homesteading related, but Maria and I wear many hats. Lol

All the best,



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