Forged in Fire airing

Maria and I took a wonderful trip to NYC back in April of this year. The purpose of that trip was so I could compete on the History Channel show “Forged in Fire”.

If you aren’t familiar, a competition between 4 blacksmiths who are given a piece (or pieces) of steel and are tasked with forging a blade with certain parameters. They are only given 3 hours to complete that task. After the first round, one of the smiths is eliminated. The remaining 3 smiths are given another 3 hours to fit and finish a handle on the knife. Then those three blades are tested and one more smith is eliminated. The remaining two are sent home for 5 days to create a weapon from a historical period. They then return and have those blades tested. The winner is given the title of “Forged in Fire Champion” and a cue k for $10,000.

It’s been a few months since I competed and I’m not allowed to talk about the outcome of the show, but I can say that I’ll be on the show. My episode is airing next Tuesday, July 25 on the History Channel.

If you’ve got no plans next Tuesday night, feel free to sit back and watch the show. I think it should prove to be entertaining.

Maria and I hope that everyone has a great week!



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