In the heat of the moment…

Today is my normal farm update day. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot to report. We did go to the farm yesterday, but it was FRIGGIN hot! With the pop up camper things are little nicer with the air conditioner. I now hook that joker up to the generator and cool things down inside. Then, work for an hour or so and then go inside to cool down.

This week it was so hot that the a/c wasn’t keeping up that well. And, within about 10 minutes of work we were both nearly exhausted and needed that break. We kept working in 10 minute increments for a couple of hours.

I was able to get 4 posts driven around the camper so we can put a canopy over it (which will give shade and help the a/c) and Maria ran the cub cadet wood chipper. It worked really well, but it is a loud, violent sounding machine.

That’s about all we go done and we were just about wiped out in the 98 degree weather and ready for naps. That’s when we got a text from one of the guys I was on Forged in Fire with. The history channel was going to show an 8 minute sneak peek of our episode at 8 o’clock. That pretty much sealed the deal on that work day. We closed up and headed back to town as fast as we could.

Watching myself on t.v. was super weird. It wasn’t even the full episode yet and its already freaking me out.

That’s me in the gray shirt, on the right, near the judge’s head, lol.

A different perspective from the show forge. Again, I have the gray shirt on…the skinniest one out there. (Sorry fellas, its true)

Tuesday night should be REALLY freaky! The full episode is going to air at 9 eastern/ 8 central.

The 8 minute sneak peek was cool, but the full episode should really be entertaining.

I also made a replica of the knife we were required to make on the show, using the same steel (having a bit more time than the competition 3 hours).

I’ll post some photos of that beauty after the show airs.

We hope that you all have a great week, stay cool, and HYDRATE!!!!

All the best, 



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