Showing change…

As I was busy breaking the plow yesterday I kept feeling as if we just aren’t catching up, at all..

But I was just looking at the photos I took today and comparing them to earlier in the spring…wow! There actually IS some progress.

The orange is the area that is becoming the last 300 feet of driveway, the pink is what needs to go. We’ve only cleared a small portion of the pink shaded area.

The above photo is from earlier in the spring. When I could barely even get the tractor back there.

This was this past Saturday, just prior to breaking the plow. Better, but not great.

And now, that’s where we are at. Still not great, or done but we can get both the 4 wheel drive AND the 2 wheel drive trucks back to the campsite. And able to get the pop up camper on site as well. So…when you keep looking at things too close you miss the beauty of the progress. Instead of missing the forest for the trees, I missed the driveway for the dirt.

By the way, the repaired plow..

That top bolt in the blue circle is the one designed to shear. The good news is that I always have plenty of those bolts on hand since they are the same ones that protect our bush hog pto shaft from exploding when you whack the crap out of a stump (which I am also REALLY good at doing,lol).

I’ve got quite a bit of experience with equipment, and living in the woods. Building a homestead from scratch is all new to me. I think my lesson learned this weekend was that on the homestead ( and in life) things might not look like they areyou moving along, but if you step back to look you might just be surprised.

Maria and I hope that you all have a wonderful week.



One thought on “Showing change…

  1. That’s why it’s so good to have lots of photos… for those days when you need a pick-me-up or a reality check, you’ve got photographic evidence right there. I think, too, that the beginning steps always seem so much slower but as more and more gets accomplished, it almost seems to pick up speed. You’ll see. Things are looking awesome on this side of the screen (coming from someone who’s done this multiple times so far).

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