Looking for redemption

As any of you that have been following our blog will know, I was on the History Channel show Forged In Fire last year.

I have been smithing now for a few years. I am self (and YouTube) taught. I have sold a good number of hand forged knives and all my customers seem to be happy.

I was on the Shamshir episode, season 4 episode 13. On that episode we were tasked with making a D guard Bowie knife. I had a plan for time management and completion of the project. One problem…I deviated from that plan. I hardened the blade prior to completing my grinding. This doesn’t prevent you from grinding the blade, but it adds A TON of time to the project. At the end of round one I had pre-drilled the holes for my handle material and started the D guard stock for round 2. Unfortunately, I was unable to pretty up the blade and the other smiths did. So I was eliminated.

The judges commented after (off camera) that in 3/4 of the episodes my blade would have gone through to round 2 hands down. I had no cracks, and no warps…it just wasn’t as pretty as the others.

Once I got home I made the same knife in my forge so I could show that it could be done (by me). It quickly sold.

This is a screen grab from the show.

The other guys on the show were great, and the cast and crew were absolutely fantastic.

Of course, some memes were made..

So anyway, season 5 starts on March 13th. Which means they have already been filming. In years past they have given some of the contestants a “redemption” episode. Some were fan favorites, some were judge’s choice, and some were just picked. I have no idea if they plan on that this season, but I would love a second shot.

So this is were I ask for your help. I am not really on any social media or know how to go about starting any kind of campaign for a redemption spot.

If anyone wants to help, all I ask is to start putting it out there in the social media world…Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever else you can think of….let them know that Chad Hollar should be invited back. I don’t know if I was particularly entertaining or not (even though I did kind of challenge Will Willis to a yelling contest, lol) but I would appreciate any help that anyone is willing to give.

If you know any of the judges, feel free to name drop.:-)

Thanks to all of you, it still amazes, and humbles me that you all follow our blog.

All the best,


On the mend…

Well, it seems that the migraine adventure is over. I was originally scheduled to go to the dentist on the 27th, but they called last week and moved my appointment up to this past Friday.

Now, when it comes to dentists visits, I’m a huge baby. I have cut the tip of my finger nearly off with a table saw and driven myself to the hospital, I’ve been burnt, cut, and smashed on a regular basis in the forge but I completely FREAK out for a dentist appointment.

The dentist I decided to go to uses, valium, laughing gas (more on that in a minute), and a technique where they place electrodes on your neck that trick your brainwaves into thinking that you are dreaming.

Of course with the valium, Maria had to drive me to the appointment. I was still super nervous, but I was going to make it.

They took me in the back, hooked me up to the “dream generator” and started giving me the gas. I wasn’t doing too bad so they started numbing things up. At that point, they didn’t feel like the gas was doing what it should so they bumped up the flow a bit. From that moment on, I had a REALLY good time! I was telling the dentist how awesome my wife was, how I had a dream that she and I were in Smokey and The Bandit 2 and we were smuggling an elephant! AND then…the real humor started.

They needed to remove 4 teeth. 3 wisdom teeth and 1 adjacent tooth. I suppose with that much nitrous oxide, every time I felt or heard a tooth crack I would absolutely lose my shit and laugh loudly and maniacally.

I laughed hard enough and loud enough that Maria could hear me from the waiting room. I also had another doctor come in and say that her patients were jealous that they weren’t having as a good a time as I was.

Its been 3 days, I’m still pretty sore and swollen since they had to do a bone graft as well, but I’m on the mend. Maria has been taking wonderful care of me.

I’m really not looking forward to my follow up appointment. I’m super I will be embarrassed as hell, but at least Maria knows how much I truly love her….she is my Sally Field to my Burt Reynolds…lol

No pictures this week, nobody needs to see that.

All the best,


Trying to stay motivated, and some good news..

Hey everybody, it has been a while since I posted anything, and I feel terrible about it.

I’ve had some pretty rough weeks lately. I’ve been suffering from some pretty bad headaches and found out that my wisdom teeth need to come out. So, I’ve got that to look forward to. Feeling as bad as I have its kept me from getting much done, both at the farm and in the forge.

Today though, Maria and I got a bit of good news and it helped to boost my mood.

A friend of mine at work is a huge “Nightmare on Elm Street” fan. Why, I don’t know, but he is. So, last year he asked if I could make him a fully operational Freddy Krueger glove. With the blades and all. I make knives pretty regularly, but I had never made the ‘Arnold’s type articulated fingers. It was quite a challenge, but I thought it came out well, and my friend Dan loved it.

Today he sent some photos from the Mad Monster convention in Charlotte, NC. Apparently he got to meet Robert England (the guy who played Freddy). Dan took the glove along and it seems that Mr. England approved of the glove and even signed it!!!! How cool is that? To make a movie reproduction and have the actor approve!!!

So this bit of news helped to boost my mood. Hopefully, once the wisdom teeth get gone and the headaches are over I will have my energy and focus back. We’ve got a ton of work to do at the farm, and a bunch of smithing projects in my head.

Maria and I hope you all have a wonderful week.

All the best,