Trying to catch up and finding a moment to breath..

I normally try to post once every couple of weeks or so, but I noticed that its been almost a month since I have posted anything.

For that, I apologize. However, it’s been a pretty crazy month.

We got the water transport wagon and shower set up completed, but haven’t had a chance to get it moved up to the farm.

Maria happened to go into a local business after her dentist’s appointment. What she found there was an opportunity. That business was Blue Moon Gift shop. It’s a large group of individual vendors with permanent booths that are overseen by Blue Moon employees. What she also found was a booth that was available. She came home and we talked about it, went back down there and looked at it. Before you know it, she was juried in and we were remodeling the space.

Here is how it looked when we first saw it:

And here is what it looked like when we got done with the remodel.

It took us 2 full days to do all of that. The problem was, we didn’t get much sleep. I work 12 hour night shifts at my regular job. I worked Sunday night and then started work on the booth first thing Monday morning with no sleep. I had Monday and Tuesday off, kind of. We worked until about 5pm Monday night. I then took a 3 hour nap while Maria ran all over town getting hooks, hangers, and such, all while sewing and tie dying in between. After my nap I had to go out to the forge and work until about 130 am. I then slept until 7 am, got up, and went to the dentist myself. After getting 2 cavities and a crown taken care of, we went back to work the rest of the day Tuesday to finish the booth. Of course we were both exhausted by then, but I needed to stay awake so I could sleep Wednesday during the day and return to work that night. Whew!! That made me tired just typing it!

So Maria worked like crazy and built her inventory to the level she wanted and got the booth stocked.

I think it looks pretty dang good!

During this process, we were informed that the Eclipse Artisan Boutique right next door was actually owned by the same person. It is a little bit different venue than Blue Moon Gift Shop. It’s a venue to display more one of a kind items and have them available for sale. The management suggested that I bring in a few of my knives to present them for the jury process. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait for a decision. The owner was onsite and seemed to be really excited about my knives and Maria’s tie dye. The meeting took about 10 minutes and my knives were priced and displayed.

To make matters even busier, my immediate supervisor at work got promoted and moved to another division. That leaves me to be the assistant supervisor (Corporal) and the supervisor (Sergeant) all wrapped into one. Not too bad, except for the huge amount of administrative tasks required. I’m really a blacksmith, remember? Lol

So, that’s this month in a nut shell. We hope that you all have had a wonderful month as well. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I’m still waiting on the beast of a new belt grinder to get here from Bader.

If any of you are in or around Wilmington NC, come see our displays at Blue Moon Gift Shop and Eclipse Artisan Boutique.

And, as always you can check us out on Etsy, or

All the best to you all,