When work can be fun.

From our last couple of posts, you can tell that Maria and I tend to stay pretty busy. We both have full time, stressful jobs, but still maintain No Harm In Farmin. All of this side of work is a lot of fun and doesn’t seem to get old. Maria has had a couple orders for tie dyed quilts and has been feverishly sewing to get them done before Christmas. I think she will have plenty of time.

I’ve been making a few knives.

I’ve got a new leather guy. He does fantastic work, but we need to speed up his turn around time.

I also made a new display rack for knives. When we go to shows, Maria has some fantastic displays for her sewing, but my knives tend to just lay on a table. I wanted to add some vertical aspects. These photos aren’t great, but its what I’ve got.

I’ve also been trying to get more YouTube videos made. Its been suggested that I do some of the forging process. I know that people came out last weekend and watched for a few minutes, but nobody…and I mean nobody wants to hang around for the long process. Besides, there is a lot of sweating and a few swear words (still working on that, lol).

Here is a little snippet of a video I’m working on editing. It involves making the twisted forks for that knife display. Be sure to notice the fantastic vacation beard. That is, if you can, I need to adjust the camera angle to eliminate that dang fluorescent light.

My good friend J.D. that filmed our first YouTube video moved to Ashville. So I’ve had to start learning it myself.

It should be an interesting learning curve. Well, back to work.

We hope that you all have a wonderful thanksgiving, and be safe out there.

All the best,

Chad and Maria

Follow up to the Big Busy Weekend.

Well, the Big, busy weekend lived up to expectations.

We loaded up the truck with our tent, displays, items, and two gas forges and an anvil. This was a much bigger load than we are used to for our events. Normally we don’t break down the shop and take half of it with us. On top of the forges and anvil, I had to have hammers, tongs, stock steel, and other tools to work. These things are up in weight pretty quick. So it was loaded Friday night, unloaded and set up Saturday morning, then packed back up Saturday night. All with 6 hours of standing up, and forging as much as I could stand for those 6 hours. It was a great time at Taylor’s Blueberry Farm. We’d like to thank Linda and Daryl Taylor for inviting us.

Of course, I was wearing my custom, tiedye short made by my lovely Maria.

We then got home after dark and unloaded the trailer. We left the majority of our displays and items in the truck as we had another show on Sunday. We didn’t need to have the smithing tools for that one so we unloaded all of it.

That doesn’t mean that we were totally off the hook. We still needed to unload, setup, and then break down and reload our normal set up. We’ve got it down pretty well to have it all set up in less than an hour, but that does involve some hustle.

So, on Sunday, we were at the autumn hall apartment complex to benefit the Cape Fear Enrichment Society to help those with developmental disabilities. It was a little chilly, but overall ahealth good day.

Then to pack it all back up, go home and unload it completely. Yep, if you were wondering, we were tired.

Luckily I took a few days off from my regular job. Yesterday I reworked one of my early knives. My blade work has been good from the start, but fit and finish was a struggle early on. At the suggestion from one of my early customers who had been looking at my current work, I decided to rework the guard and handle on a mini-kukri. It now looks a whole lot better. I also suggested that he send me the knife that I had originally made for him.

So, overall, its been a good weekend. Thanks to you all for coming on this ride with us. We’d love to hear what you have been up to this weekend.

All the best,


Big busy weekend!

Hey everybody! This weekend is going to quite the busy time for us.

As everyone should know, this Saturday November 10th is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

Above and beyond that, we are going to busy as can be.

On Saturday, we will be at Taylor’s Blueberry Farm in Leland North Carolina for a fall festival. Maria and I will have our booth set up selling her tie-dyed and sewn items. I will also have knives and other metal work available for sale. While that’s going on, I will be giving a 6 hour forging demonstration. We will be there from 11 am to 5 pm.

And then on Sunday, we will be vending at the Winter bazaar for the Cape Fear Enrichment society from 1 to 6 pm. This year the bazaar will be held at Headwaters at Autumn Hall in Wilmington North Carolina.

This is charity event, we will be vending, but they will also be auctioning off some great items to help the Cape Fear Enrichment Society.

If you are in southeastern North Carolina this weekend, come by and see us.

And if you can’t make either one of those events, feel free to swing by the Blue Moon Giftshops in Wilmington, they will be holding their annual open house. You can see a ton of great vendors. We unfortunately won’t be in attendance, but Maria’s booth is stocked up and ready.

I have been finishing up a couple of custom orders before this busy weekend.

I made a bowie style knife for a great customer in Virginia.

Ryan’s knife is acid etched 5160 blade, mokume gane guard, with a cherry burl and cocobolo handle. This is a great knife and I’m glad I had the opportunity to make it for him.

So, once again…if you are going to be in, or around Wilmington this weekend, come see us. If you aren’t planning on being around this area…maybe you should! We’d love to meet ya!

All the best,

Chad and Maria