When work can be fun.

From our last couple of posts, you can tell that Maria and I tend to stay pretty busy. We both have full time, stressful jobs, but still maintain No Harm In Farmin. All of this side of work is a lot of fun and doesn’t seem to get old. Maria has had a couple orders for tie dyed quilts and has been feverishly sewing to get them done before Christmas. I think she will have plenty of time.

I’ve been making a few knives.

I’ve got a new leather guy. He does fantastic work, but we need to speed up his turn around time.

I also made a new display rack for knives. When we go to shows, Maria has some fantastic displays for her sewing, but my knives tend to just lay on a table. I wanted to add some vertical aspects. These photos aren’t great, but its what I’ve got.

I’ve also been trying to get more YouTube videos made. Its been suggested that I do some of the forging process. I know that people came out last weekend and watched for a few minutes, but nobody…and I mean nobody wants to hang around for the long process. Besides, there is a lot of sweating and a few swear words (still working on that, lol).

Here is a little snippet of a video I’m working on editing. It involves making the twisted forks for that knife display. Be sure to notice the fantastic vacation beard. That is, if you can, I need to adjust the camera angle to eliminate that dang fluorescent light.

My good friend J.D. that filmed our first YouTube video moved to Ashville. So I’ve had to start learning it myself.

It should be an interesting learning curve. Well, back to work.

We hope that you all have a wonderful thanksgiving, and be safe out there.

All the best,

Chad and Maria


2 thoughts on “When work can be fun.

  1. That’s a sweet looking rack.
    If you make a video of the forging process, it will definitely need some editing. Good luck with all your endeavours and even though I celebrated it a month ago, Happy Thanksgiving.

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