Sleep? HA!

Hey everyone! We’ve really missed you all. There has been quite a gap since my last post. Things have been busy!!!!!!

Maria is working her tail off with her day job and this being the time of year where tie dye sales pick up. She has been sewing and dying as fast as she can mix up a batch of dyes.

For me, I haven’t been in the forge much at all, nor up to the farm for the last couple of months. I still have a cardboard box full of brand new hydraulic lines to put on the back hoe. Still not done.

At my day job as a first responder (specifics purposely withheld, sorry) I have been working 75+ hours a week. We , as a county, learned some hard lessons during hurricane Florence. It had been brought up, discussed, and dismissed to have vehicles capable of deep water rescues and resupply.

We needed them and didn’t have them when Wilmington became an island.

We have some now, and are working on a couple more.

I got tasked with this project because I am one of the handful of people that had a Motor Transport MOS in the military within our agency. Of those handful, I believe that I’m the only one that was maintenance and not just a driver. Since these vehicles are military surplus they require a familiar touch. This might not seem that exciting to most people, but these trucks are like old friends to me. Lol.

We currently have two M923 5 ton trucks, and an MRAP possibly on the way. Each of the M923s are capable of fording 78 inches of water, and the MRAP is capable of 36 inches. They all require some initial repairs and sprucing up to get them operationally ready. After that I have to keep on top of them on a regular basis. They are tough, but at the same time they are low level maintenance divas.

Meet “Mad Max”

And “Fury”

Those are my two new babies for now. Max came and had a sleep over once, as I had to replace a windshield frame and steering wheel. With all of my tools here in my shop it was better to bring it home.

We haven’t got the MRAP yep, but it should look very similar to this one that we went to look at. It was just received by a neighboring agency.

They are alot of work up front, but a labor of love for sure. They will be used for much more than just storm rescue, but when a storm hits us again they will shine like diamonds.

Here’s a little shot of me using the flame wrench to adjust the tailgate on Max.

I will try to keep you all up to date on things, hopefully I can get to the farm soon to shoot some more video. We hope you all had a great Paddy’s Day.

All the best,


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