Working hard and being good stewards..

I have worked for the government in some sort of manner for the last 28 years. (Holy crow, has it been that long?)

I have seen some really good things happen, some bad things happen. I’ve seen good procedures, and bad. I’ve seen people do some amazing things with nothing, and have seen people waste resources.

I have always been one to try to do the best work I can with nothing. I like the challenge. Anyone can throw money at a problem and hire some one else to fix things. I like to be the fixer, and the one to make things happen.

From my last post I told you all that I have been working mad hours at my day job. I am still working my normal 42 hour a week schedule. Adding to that another 35 to 40 hours working on the department’s assets. Those assets will be a huge plus, and will be able to save lives and property.

The best equipment for that job is (unfortunately) is 35 years old. That means that they will require some love and attention. In the past, things like this would be “farmed out” to be repaired, painted, and generally set up by outside businesses. I think that during that time is was necessary, and became the rule. Unfortunately, as things grow and progress it becomes an antiquated way of doing things. Myself and a few others are working to change the thought process. Our department has grown over the years and we have a large group of diverse people that come from a wide range of backgrounds. Those folks bring an amazing set of skills with them from a huge pool of skills. Its my belief that we can be good stewards of the tax payers money by utilizing skills and experience that we have in house.

I know that just with this current project we have spent a few thousand dollars, but if we hadn’t done all of the work so far ourselves that we would be closer to twice that amount or more. I’ve got one partner that I work with and so far we have done some great work and purposely kept the bill to a minimum.

The rough part is that we have 2 vehicles now, and have 1 more on the way. None of them “require” us to spend a ton of money. What they do require is time, and lots of it.

Once we are up, equipped, and fully operational, we will have the ability to go nearly anywhere at anytime. This opens the door for us to help the citizens of this county in a myriad of ways. During natural disasters and between storms.

Here are a couple of photos just to give you an idea.

Unofficially we call the black one MadMax, and the green one Fury. Those are the two we have now.

We are supposed to be getting one more that looks similar to the one pictured above.

All three we will be painted black (our normal car color department wide), they will have blue lights, work lights, and striping and graphics as well. By the way, we did the paint job on the Max, it was tan.

That one is called an MRAP, we unofficially call this one MMkay.

Military mechanics tend to be a little weird, and stay that way the rest of their lives, hence the naming. Lol

So, we will have some fantastic assets to save lives and support the rest of operations. If we can continue our plan of action, we will make that happen for a fraction of the cost that it could.

So, I’ve been working some mad and crazy hours, but I think I’m doing the best that I can to do my part for public safety while still being a good steward of the tax payer’s money.

I hope you all have a great week.

All the best,