The negligent blogger, part 1

Hey all. I know that its been a long, long, long time since I’ve written. For that negligence I am very sorry. However, there has been so much going on that it was all just a bit overwhelming. I will try to catch everyone up as best I can. I will also break this down into parts because its been alot.

The first big doings was the unofficial formation of a Motor Transport unit where I work. Before hurricane Florence there was a need for rescue equipment in this county. But, government being what it is the proactive planning was ignored by those in power that had been given by the in house experts, and the dice were continued to be rolled. Well, with Florence our luck with those dice ran out. Tons of storm damage and horrific flooding caused the powers that be to finally understand what had been said. Of course, it was much too late to do anything for that storm. But now we can prepare.

I was brought onboard to help with the work on some surplus military vehicles that are designed for deep water fording.

Prior to this project, any new equipment purchased by the county was then contracted out to be out fitted, painted, wired for emergency lights, etc. This was a cost effective way to do things 10 years ago, but the county has been growing by leaps and bounds since and we are losing entirely too much money on outfitting and maintenance.

Because I was a Motor Transport mechanic in the U.S. Marine Corps (3521 mos) it was my bread and butter for years. So, in addition to working my normal 40 hours a week, I worked nearly another 40 hours a week for 8 months to restore, paint, wire, and prepare 3 trucks for use.

This is how they started out for us.

2 M923 5 ton trucks with 78 inches of fording capability, and

1 MRAP (Mine Resistant, Ambush Protective) vehicle with 36 to 48 inches of fording capability, and being armor plated its great for flying debris.

I put in a ton of work, but doing so we were able save the county approximately $25,000 to $35,000. And hopefully show the bean counters and the politicians that if they follow my recommendations they can start to build the savings into the hundreds of thousands per year. Anyway, off my soap box.

This is more of how they look now. Painted, striped, outfitted, and ready for action.

We then began some cross training with the fire department and a neighboring county. Each of those agencies also had a couple of surplus vehicles. We gathered them before the battleship museum for a photo before we put them through their paces.

So, this is the first installment to get you caught up with us.

There is much more to tell from this past sure to come back for part 2..

All the best,

Chad and Maria

8 thoughts on “The negligent blogger, part 1

  1. Reading your article, I was pondering why it is so difficult for our government to chose between helping the citizens and impeaching the president. I thought our Constitution was clear on what made this country great. Yet, corruption abounds. Hang in there and help the people. We need it more than ever.

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