The negligent blogger part 2

Ok, so now on to the next installment.

In addition to, and coinciding with the truck adventure I found out some super crazy, surprising, strange, wonderful, fantastic news.

Up until a few months ago things were going as I thought had for a long time. I had a beautiful wife, a wonderful adult daughter, a good job, a nice piece of land to build our homestead, and some good retirement plans.

And then….

A few years ago we had taken the 23andme dna test to add ours to the database. My mom has been working on our family tree for a very long time. Well, as a result of that, I ended up receiving an email from someone saying that they were a 49% match with me and a 23% match with my daughter. This would indicate a child to me and a sibling to my daughter.

I made contact with that person and some questions were asked and answered by us both and come to find out…..wait for it….

I NOW HAVE 2 DAUGHTERS that are all grown up!!!!!


I also now have a GRAND-DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!

This is huge news and created a whirlwind of emotions. Freaked me out, made me smile, made me cry, made me laugh…

I won’t go into a bunch of detail, just for some family privacy, but, due to life and circumstances 25 years ago, we were separated before either of us knew the other existed.

But now we have found each other, and both girls now have a sister that they never had. They have hit it of wonderfully and talk all the time.

We’ve been sharing back and forth for months now. Mainly text messages and video chats because she is currently in England with her husband who is in the Air Force. We have yet to meet in person, but soon.

So, we have welcomed Kate, little Hannah, and Dylan (the new son in law) to the family!!!

So now, instead of Rowan being an only child, now there is Rowan, Kate, Hannah, and Dylan. Its almost like the Brady bunch, but cooler.

I’m very proud of all my kids. Rowan is a super smart, and witty, person who prefers non binary pronouns such as “they” and “them”. I don’t fully understand this movement, but I’m doing what I can to be supportive.

Kate spent some time in the Air Force herself before getting out at the end of her enlistment. She is wonderful, smart, and witty, and a good mom.

Dylan is Kate’s husband who is still active duty Air Force. He seems like a good man, a good husband, and a good father. I’m glad that he and Kate found each other.

And then there is Hannah…..that little bugger is absolutely gorgeous. I enjoy talking to her by video chat. Watching her play, and to have her say goodbye and blow kisses just melts my heart. I never really thought about being a grandpa, but you know what? Its really FREAKING COOL!!!

As the conversations have built, Maria and I were informed that we needed to choose grandparent nicknames. That really threw me off. Most people get 9 months to figure that out. We had about 2 weeks, lol.

After some thoughts, we came up with Toots and Pappy. And you know something….I really like the thought of being called Pappy.

So, that’s big news for part 2 of the catch up. Like I said, its been a crazy year. A lot of hard work, a lot of joy, a lot of tears….but really cool.

Stick around for part 3 coming soon…hard to believe but there IS more…lol

All the best,

Toots and Pappy

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