Back to work, and having some beard fun.

I returned to work finally after being off for 2 months. Now that I have been given the all clear from skin cancer. I surely feel better and seem to have more energy.

While I was off I took the opportunity to grow out my beard. A good solid two months was good let things go. But, going back to work I had to shave and cut my hair. Rather than just cut it off I decided to go in stages to have a little fun..

First was the full beard:

Then I trimmed my chin and center section for the 1850s style mutton chops:

After that, it was time for some disco era sideburns:

From there I went a little stranger to the Mohawk, Fu Manchu combo:

And then finally, before cutting it all off there was the circus strong man handlebar:

So you see, even with mundane tasks, Toots and I like to have some fun. We all hope you have a great week. I’d love to hear which was your favorite, lol. Mine was the handlebar.

All the best,


3 thoughts on “Back to work, and having some beard fun.

  1. You looked the youngest with the Fu Manchu. Looks like you were having a lot of fun. Congrats on getting rid of the skin cancer. Seems like a lot of folks are dealing with that. Take care!


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